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Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart

Company: Smash Game Studios Genre: Racing Updated: 22/09/2022

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Description Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart

Get ready to embark on a crazy kart racing adventure like never before in this indie adventure. Use your epic driving skills, drift and use all the power-ups to cross the finish line first. Compete and declare victory over your friends or players from all over the world. Collect and upgrade a variety of cars and fill your garage with some of the most epic cars.

The kart racing game is set to make waves all over the world, so be a part of the journey from the start. The best thing about this game is that you can also race against your friends on different platforms. Participate and compete in the events that will take place along the journey. Compete in multiplayer, full race, arcade and time trial modes. The game is inspired by popular mobile classics such as Micro Machines and Mini Motor Racing.

Night Racer is a 3D kart racing game with epic multiplayer racing action. The game uses a really efficient optimization that allows us to run the game on devices over 7 years old. On the newest and most powerful devices it feels all the intensity of the modern haptic engine, we use all the power of mobile processors to bring you HD 60 FPS gameplay. The game has more than 9 different tracks, 9 championships to play and more than 10 different karts to choose and play.

Match and play Night Racer against all your friends, even if they are on different platforms and show them who's the boss. There are no rules in the world of Night Racer make your friends do megaboom while you smash your car against them and advance to victory. In Night Racer there is no room for annoying lags and ping problems. With so many servers already available, all you'll have to do is join a server closest to you and BOOM you're ready to go.

The game features 4 types of game modes, Multiplayer Mode where you face off against other players from all over the world, Career Mode where you experience the challenges and obstacles put in front of you on each track and chase victory and win the championship, Arcade Mode for quick race between grooming time and finally Time Trial Mode where you chase the high scores and try to finish each level in the shortest time possible.

With tons of upgrades for your cars you will never run out of things to do. To upgrade your vehicle all you have to do is collect coins as you play. Each upgrade will increase your kart's speed, boost duration and give you an incredible chance of victory. If you ever need an upgrade just go to the garage.

The game is filled with so many karts to collect and fill your garage. The game features karts ranging from modern sports cars to trucks and vans. Each kart will give you insane speed, momentum and will do its best to get you to the finish line before anyone else in victory. If you're behind someone don't worry all you need is a boost to chase down your friends in style.

Customize the kart to your liking, each car gives you access to 8 unique skins, toppers and boosts. On the road to victory make sure you do it in style.
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News Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart

Fixed the resolution issues in the game and other some minor fixes.
Download Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart
Download Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart for Android

Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart for PC

To install Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart on a PC we are going to need an Android emulator. We recommend using Bluestacks as it is one of the best on the market. To install it we will need a Windows 7 operating system or higher. Windows prior to version 7 will not work. descargar bluestacks If you have a Windows 7 operating system or higher we can start the process to install Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart on a computer. To make it easier for you we show it on the next page step by step.
Download Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart Free for PC

Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart for MAC

To be able to download Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart in your MAC you have to follow the same steps as for PC. You need an Android emulator and currently BlueStacks is the best and most powerful on the market. descargar bluestacks If you have any doubt about how to install this emulator in your Apple computer we advise you to follow the instructions shown on the next page.
Download Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart Free for MAC

Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart APK

If you want to download the APK for android Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart we provide the download link from the page The Apk Kure website is one of the largest sites in terms of APKS downloads, so you can safely and quietly download all the files hosted on that website. You can install this file in your Android phone or in your PC emulator.

In order to install these files on your Android device or emulator you must activate the option to install applications from unknown sources (which are not Google Play).

Follow the link to download the Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart APK.
Download Night Racer- Multiplayer Kart APK

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Updated: 22/09/2022 Downloads: +5 Developer: Web Company: Smash Game Studios