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Neural Cloud

Company: Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd. Genre: Strategy Updated: 16/09/2022

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'Attention! Fatal error: The integrity of the system is severely compromised'.
This is an unprecedented threat to the Dolls' existence. Faced with formidable enemies and a future full of uncertainties, the scattered Dolls grit their teeth and harden as they travel in search of the slim hope of salvation.
Humanity may have abandoned them, but as the head of the 'Neural Cloud Project', you have firmly set foot in this unknown land and founded the 'Exiles' as you take in the scattered Dolls. With you as their leader, the Exiles will explore the secrets of the world, find a way out of this desperate situation and uncover the truth...

Unique and intricate characters
State-of-the-art dolls from all walks of life await your orders. Seek them out and expand the ranks of the Exiles. Train your favorite Dolls and help them break free from the shackles of their neural clouds. Discover their hidden pasts... Hush, those are secrets between you and your Dolls.

Combat that requires strength and strategy
Experience a new combat mode that embodies the essence of roguelike games, with meticulous setup and characterization. Take risks and face powerful enemies, play it safe and carefully plan your moves taking into account the big picture, or play it by ear and improvise depending on the situation: more than one path leads to victory. Organize your ranks and invent viable team compositions while making good use of friendship boosters, and leave the rest to the Exiles.

Fun and functional building system
Collect materials on your journey to build and upgrade the facilities of the Oasis, the new home of the Exiles. Build a city according to your preferences, upgrade its infrastructure and build dormitories to obtain rich resources and powerful buffs. May you and your beloved Dolls enjoy a brief respite before embarking on your next adventure.
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Neural Cloud for PC

To install Neural Cloud on a PC we are going to need an Android emulator. We recommend using Bluestacks as it is one of the best on the market. To install it we will need a Windows 7 operating system or higher. Windows prior to version 7 will not work. descargar bluestacks If you have a Windows 7 operating system or higher we can start the process to install Neural Cloud on a computer. To make it easier for you we show it on the next page step by step.
Download Neural Cloud Free for PC

Neural Cloud for MAC

To be able to download Neural Cloud in your MAC you have to follow the same steps as for PC. You need an Android emulator and currently BlueStacks is the best and most powerful on the market. descargar bluestacks If you have any doubt about how to install this emulator in your Apple computer we advise you to follow the instructions shown on the next page.
Download Neural Cloud Free for MAC