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Rankings and Reviews of mobile games and apps

Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits M, the classic Japanese arcade game, now available on mobile

Namco Bandai has announced the release of a mobile version of the popular fishing game Ace Angler Fi ... 04/02/2023

Lingo Legend lets you learn languages in a fantasy card game

Hyperthought Games has announced the release of an Android version of its fantasy role-playing game ... 28/01/2023

Oh my Anne, discover a touching story while solving match-3 puzzles.

NEOWIZ has announced the official release of Oh my Anne, a unique adaptation of the popular novel An ... 16/01/2023

Frozen City, take charge of a city devastated by ice apocalypse

Century Games has just released Frozen City, a city building simulator for cell phones. The game com ... 04/01/2023

Art of Fighting 2, 2D fighting game re-released by ACA NeoGeo Collection

As part of the growing collection of classic games remastered for mobile devices, Art of Fighting 2 ... 30/12/2022

Reigns: Three Kingdoms is now available on Netflix.

The Reigns mobile game series has been popular for many years and today, developer Nerial and publis ... 28/12/2022

How to Say Goodbye lets you guide lost souls into the afterlife

ARTE France, Florian Veltman and Baptiste Portefaix have announced the official release of How to Sa ... 18/12/2022

Skies of Chaos, a new shoot 'em up with a beautiful pixel art style

Netflix Games has released its latest title, the arcade-style shooter Skies of Chaos, on Netflix's r ... 14/12/2022

Battleheart Legacy, the classic RPG, comes to mobile phones

In this top-down high fantasy RPG, you'll develop your character and take on various quests, using s ... 10/12/2022

99Lives, a classic beat-em-up, launches worldwide

Indie developer QUByte has officially released its nostalgic homage to classic beat'em ups: 99Vidas. ... 04/12/2022