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Wings of Glory is a World War I game that is now available on iOS and Android.

Dire Wolf has officially launched Wings of Glory, a digital flying board game that is now available on iOS, Android and Steam. Players can engage in World War I-themed dogfights in the palm of their hand in this digital adaptation of Ares Games' OG board game.

In Wings of Glory, players will be able to master aerial dogfights with a tabletop twist and will be eager to unleash the strategist in them. Set in 1917, players take control of biplanes flying over Europe in an intense cross-platform wargame of The game takes place in an intense cross-platform game.

There are also a variety of aircraft (eight planes and 14 aces) that players can choose from to expand their hangars, as well as challenging reconnaissance missions to determine the capabilities players need to become true knights of the sky. In addition, each Ace has a unique status and can be used in different ways depending on their play style.

Those who wish to play the game can download it now on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS. It is a premium title and is priced at $8.99 per session (approximately 1,500 yen). You can also join the studio's community of followers on Twitter to keep up with the latest news, get more information on the game's official website, and get a small glimpse of the game's screenshots and gameplay in the embedded clip above.

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Wings of Glory Company: Dire Wolf Digital Ratings: 20 Note: 4.3
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