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Top 5 Sudoku solvers for Android - 2020

Here are the best sudoku solvers for Android.

OkayCode Sudoku Solver

OkayCode is a very basic app. It solves puzzles in the traditional 9×9 grid as seen in newspapers. Just enter the digits the game gave you and it will solve it for you. It's completely free with no in-app purchases or ads.

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Sudoku Solver Company: OkayCode Ratings: 0 Note: 0.0

Snap Solve Sudoku

Snap Solve Sudoku is another great sudoku solver for mobile. It works much like OkayCode's version, except that this one supports OCR. You can take a picture of the puzzle from the book or paper you found it on and the app enters the code for you. You can also do it manually if you wish. In addition, it saves the previous sudoku tables for future reference if needed. The application is free and you can make donations.

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Sudoku Solver - Snap Solve Sudoku V2 Company: Beebeeoii Ratings: 12 Note: 4.6

Sudoku Expert

Sudoku Expert is a mix between a solver, a master and a sudoku game. It contains more than 5,000 puzzles within the app. However, it also comes with a built-in solver where you can enter your own sudoku and the app will solve it for you if you wish. The controls are actually pretty good, although it may seem a bit cramped on smaller devices and some people don't like the blue shading.

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Sudoku Expert Company: Aeiou Ratings: 1.039 Note: 4.4

Sudoku Solver Camera

Sudoku Solver Camera is a great little tool for Sudoku fans and a great demonstration of AR and OCR technology. The app opens your camera and you point it at a sudoku. The app recognizes the puzzle and solves it on the spot. Just tap the freeze button to stop the app and type in the answers.

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Sudoku Solver (Camera) Company: Robinson Industries Ratings: 0 Note: 0.0

Sudoku Solver by Shai Alkoby

Sudoku Solver by Shai Alkoby is another pretty good solver. It works with the typical 9×9 grid, as well as another 16×16 grid. You enter the numbers you know and the application fills in the rest. It is one of the few that can be done with both sizes. We liked that this app is set up to reveal numbers one at a time instead of showing the correct answer all at once.

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Sudoku Solver Company: Shai Alkoby Ratings: 607 Note: 3.7
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