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Top 10 Apps for iOS and Android - October 2020

Here are the best Android apps of the last month!

Cubasis 3

Cubasis 3 is the mobile version of the popular Cubase DAW. It's a full-featured DAW that lets you record entire music albums. It is feature-rich, including 120 virtual instruments, up to 24-bit 48kHz audio resolution, MIDI hardware support, and surprisingly good editing controls. The list of features is extensive. Obviously, it's not as powerful as a desktop DAW, but it's not as far off as we might think. You can reinstall the trial version as many times as you like to test it thoroughly before buying the full version for $54.99.

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Cubasis LE 3 Trial Company: Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH Ratings: 793 Note: 3.4


djay is not a new release, but it has received a major overhaul in the last month. The new revision has removed the Spotify integration (due to new Spotify rules), but added one with TIDAL and SoundCloud along with an Automix AI, new looper and sequencer features, and a new user interface. Overall, it has been received favorably by most users. The iOS version is still a bit ahead in some areas, but the Android version is catching up quickly and currently has a flat rate as opposed to subscription cost for iOS users.

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djay - DJ App & Mixer Company: Algoriddim Ratings: 213.000 Note: 3.9


FitGrid is a mix between a fitness app and a social networking app. The more social side lets you create a profile, make friends and see the kinds of things they do. The fitness side lets you do sports and show your friends your workouts. Overall, it's a relatively simple app with some interesting features like, for example, informing your trainers about injuries or aches and pains to help you optimize your workouts.

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FitGrid: Fitness Class App Company: YourGuru Ratings: 33 Note: 2.8


InstaMocks is a screenshot app that allows you to take screenshots and then overlay them on real Android device. The app allows you to work with up to ten screenshots at a time and you can save your work and come back to it whenever you want.

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InstaMocks - App Screenshot Design Tool Company: Vemoot Softech Pvt Ltd Ratings: 609 Note: 4.2


Kippo is a new dating app aimed at gamers. People create profiles, connect with other local gamers with similar interests, and make friends. It is similar to many dating apps, but with little extras to make it more interesting to gamers.

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Kippo - Come Hang Out Company: Covalent Inc. Ratings: 5.710 Note: 3.3

Project Cheat Codes

Project Cheat Codes is a simple application for gamers. It stores cheats for various games and you can access them whenever you want. The application features offline support and the ability to select and copy codes (for use on an emulator). Each update adds more games, so the application is growing quite fast.

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Project Cheat Codes - LITE Company: Brooks Howerton Ratings: 0 Note: 0.0

Roku Channel

Roku Channel is the official Android app for Roku's free streaming service. The app has a ton of content and features over 1,000 TV shows and movies. It works like most streaming apps. You search for content and play it. There is no premium version, but you can add support for content from HBO, STARZ, etc. The app does not have Chromecast support.

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Roku Channel: Free streaming for live TV & movies Company: Roku Inc. Ratings: 0 Note: 0.0

Shortcut Manager

Shortcut Manager lets you create shortcuts for your home screen. Obviously you don't need this for applications, since they are on the home screen. However, it does let you do things like create shortcuts to apps with different icon packs (independent of the active one), shortcuts for features like Bluetooth or WiFi settings, and even switch audio from a Bluetooth source to the phone's speakers.

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Shortcut Manager - Pin shortcuts home screen Company: Yogesh Dama Ratings: 76 Note: 4.4


Trove is a new application from Microsoft. The company creates projects that require photographs. You submit yours and if Microsoft uses them. In return, you receive a small financial compensation. These projects help train AI to deliver more accurate results in the future and Microsoft promises not to resell the photos. Payments are made through PayPal. At the moment, the app is only available to US users.

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Trove Company: Microsoft Corporation Ratings: 0 Note: 0.0

Universe in a Nutshell

Universe in a Nutshell is an excellent educational app about the universe that focuses on comparing sizes such as, for example, the difference between that of a planet and that of a human being and other similar comparisons. Most of the things featured in the app have fun facts to encourage learning about them. The app scales between 10^-35 and 10^26 meters. There are a few typos, but otherwise the app is fine, especially for kids.

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Universe in a Nutshell Company: Wait But Why & Kurzgesagt Ratings: 0 Note: 0.0
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