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Papers, Please finally comes to Android and iOS

The legendary indie game Papers, Please is finally released on iOS and Android after its exclusive iPad release in 2014. Developed by Lucas Pope, the creator of the also legendary 'Return of The Obra Dinn', 'Papers, Please' was a fixture in video game history upon its release at the time and remains an icon of the indie boom of the 2010s.

Alongside games like Fez and the more recent Hollow Knight, in Papers, Please you take on the role of a border control agent in a nation in political turmoil, struggling to appeal to leaders and care for your family, all while sacrificing empathy for the people you come into contact with in order to do your job well. It's a very emotional journey and one that many commentators still relate to in our world today. Now, for the first time, it will be available for free for those who missed it at launch and were unable to get their hands on it.

From a gameplay standpoint, Papers, Please is a quasi-administrative type game in which you check identity documents for discrepancies and deny or allow entry to citizens trying to enter the country you work in, Arstotzka. There are simple, but puzzle-breaking gameplay elements, such as scanning manuals, IDs, document fragments and even the faces of people you come across, and checking their entire body for contraband. All in all, this is a very engaging political thriller, with some very difficult decisions to make.

Basically, if you haven't played this blockbuster, you're missing out, and now that it's out on both iOS and Android, there's no reason not to play it: it's available on both iOS and Android, so there's no reason not to.

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Papers, Please Company: 3909 Ratings: 265 Note: 4.8
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