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Pokédexus - Catch Them All

Company: Ștefan Marinescu Genre: Entertainment Ratings: 793 Note: 4.8 Updated: 12/07/2022

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Description Pokédexus - Catch Them All

Pokédexus is an unofficial, unique and beautifully fan-designed Pokédex app for everyone to use. It was built with passion and is completely FREE. It contains no ads or any kind of monetization.

Choose your starting Poké and start the adventure!
- Discover Poké, moves, abilities, locations, items and much more.
- Test your Poké-catching skills.
- Participate in live events.
- Challenge other Trainers to quiz matches.
- Complete daily quests to earn experience and Poké Balls.
- Stay up to date with the latest news.
- Climb the leaderboards.

Discover all 898 Poké with their variations, each with beautiful images and animations. Sort and filter by generation, type, attack, height, etc. View full details such as stats, habitats, genders for each version of the game. View recent activity for each Poké, such as news, events and trainers.

Dex of moves
View over 800 Poké moves with their descriptions, categories, learning methods, effects and more. Sort and filter by different criteria such as: generation, type, category, etc.

Regions Dex
Discover each region with its locations.
Discover which Poké can be found and captured in each area.

Item Index
Inspect more than 950 objects with more than 50 categories.
Check their descriptions, learn their effect see and which Poké can catch them!

Ability Dex
Analyze more than 250 skills with their description, effects and see what Poké has each of them!

Type Dex
Analyze the weaknesses and resistances of each type of Poké - choose the right tracker before attempting to catch Poké to gain an advantage!

Nature Dex
Check out all the natures and how they affect your Poké - see which berries are recommended for each flavor!

Check out the latest news about trainers and Poké, such as: A Poké has been captured, a trainer has reached a new level, a contest battle has ended, and more. Like' your favorite news, meet new trainers and inspect their profile.

Live events
Discover daily Poké highlights. Participate in live events held every two hours.

Online Contest Challenges
See challenges received - sent - completed against other trainers. Accept challenges received and view your answers and those of your opponents.

Catch Poké
Test your knowledge and try to catch Poké with the help of your followers. Provide the correct answers to countless questions about the Poké universe before time runs out - you have to catch them all!

Play the quiz game.
Practice and hone your Poké-catching skills!
Correctly answer as many questions as possible in a row before time runs out. Break records, get rewards and climb the leaderboard.

Daily Missions
Log in daily and complete missions while exploring Pokédexus, gaining experience and Poké balls to catch Poké!

Trainer Profile
View other Trainers' profiles, including their level, Poké, news, and rankings. Challenge trainers to a battle of questions. Correctly answer more questions than your opponent before time runs out to win the challenge.

Poké Leaderboard
Help your favorite Poké climb the leaderboards, see the most popular Poké and the rarest Poké!

Trainer Leaderboards
Compete in 5 different leaderboards, climb to the top and make everyone recognize you!

Edit profile
Customize your trainer's name, gender and avatar, did you catch a rare Poké? Make it your follower so everyone knows your achievement!
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News Pokédexus - Catch Them All

New feature: Regional Pokédex
See which Poké you have caught for each region and for each type! Compare your Pokédex with other trainers and see which Poké are still missing
Added 5 new quests
Bug & Crash fixes
UI Improvements / Adjustments
Download Pokédexus - Catch Them All
Download Pokédexus - Catch Them All for Android

Pokédexus - Catch Them All for PC

To install Pokédexus - Catch Them All on a PC we are going to need an Android emulator. We recommend using Bluestacks as it is one of the best on the market. To install it we will need a Windows 7 operating system or higher. Windows prior to version 7 will not work. descargar bluestacks If you have a Windows 7 operating system or higher we can start the process to install Pokédexus - Catch Them All on a computer. To make it easier for you we show it on the next page step by step.
Download Pokédexus - Catch Them All Free for PC

Pokédexus - Catch Them All for MAC

To be able to download Pokédexus - Catch Them All in your MAC you have to follow the same steps as for PC. You need an Android emulator and currently BlueStacks is the best and most powerful on the market. descargar bluestacks If you have any doubt about how to install this emulator in your Apple computer we advise you to follow the instructions shown on the next page.
Download Pokédexus - Catch Them All Free for MAC

Pokédexus - Catch Them All APK

If you want to download the APK for android Pokédexus - Catch Them All we provide the download link from the page The Apk Kure website is one of the largest sites in terms of APKS downloads, so you can safely and quietly download all the files hosted on that website. You can install this file in your Android phone or in your PC emulator.

In order to install these files on your Android device or emulator you must activate the option to install applications from unknown sources (which are not Google Play).

Follow the link to download the Pokédexus - Catch Them All APK.
Download Pokédexus - Catch Them All APK

Technical information

Updated: 12/07/2022 Downloads: +10K Developer: Web Company: Ștefan Marinescu